what is an affiliate platform?

the affiliation platform is a technical and consulting option that puts the affiliate in contact with the network of affiliates he has selected to promote his product or service. in exchange for managing the affiliation program and putting the affiliates in contact with each other, the platform asks for commissions on all financial transfers that take place between the affiliate and his affiliates

the principles of the affiliate program

the principle is quite simple, the links leading to the affiliator appear in the form of banners, buttons, skyscrapers or even product search forms or contextual links. it can even be directly the name of the brand. the remuneration will depend on the chosen element. the option is vast since it is possible to be remunerated for the display of the banner or the pop-up, for the click, for the double-click, for the sale or when a user fills in a form on the site of the affiliator in general, the ratios of visitors to customers rarely reach 1%. however, the use of an affiliation platform is still advisable, since it is a powerful marketing tool with almost no risk. some of these platforms often offer up to 70% in commissions, but the reality shows that these range from 1 to 20%.

how does an affiliate platform work?

an affiliate platform acts as an intermediary between affiliators and affiliates. in other words, it is a professional directory. some of the best known platforms are zanox, commission junction, tradedoubler, net affiliation, publicldées, affili.net, 1tpe and affiliatis. web affiliations is also an affiliate portal, as it provides advice and a non-exhaustive list of affiliate platforms that are active on the market. to benefit from their services, the affiliate will have to sign up, choose a program and sign up again when it is done. the affiliator can then accept or refuse the affiliate's request depending on the quality of the site and the offers he receives. once the affiliator accepts, the affiliate will receive advertising elements that will be displayed on his site. finally, he will be paid according to the results of the campaign

choose your affiliation well

in order to make money, you need to know how to choose your affiliate program. it is important to note that charm and game affiliations are the ones that allow you to make the most profit. however, it is advisable to choose affiliations that have a direct link with the theme of your website. this process is known as contextual advertising. such an initiative will not fail to give value to the image of the site. the program then becomes a real marketing strategy and not just a simple link that conveys advertising.