what does web 2.0 mean for marketing?

why should companies build a strong relationship with their customers? how do traditional and social media complement each other? the book presented today provides answers to these questions.

social media is now

even though banks are still struggling with social media, it is no longer a trend, but social media have become an integral part of everyday life.

they have brought about changes in the relationships between people, but also in the relationships between companies and their customers. banks and savings banks should therefore also become "socially" active.

web 2.0 in our time

the mercy economy is an internet phenomenon of our time. it not only influences what we buy and when we buy it. it also influences how companies and buyers interact with each other in the interest of the customer. on the web, the customer's demand for authenticity and honesty is becoming increasingly important for companies, just as it was in the days of our grandfathers, when personal contact with the customer determined the success or failure of a company.

customer loyalty is important

gary vaynerchuk reveals how companies can create this personal relationship with the customer by using social networks. he is convinced that only entrepreneurs who maintain a strong and personal connection with customers will continue to succeed in the future.

this book is a beneficial read for any business executive and marketer.

about the author

gary vaynerchuk is an american entrepreneur who used social media to grow his family's wine business into one of the nation's leading wine retailers. vaynerchuk is now a sought-after speaker and author of several books.

book or summary

the book is 351 pages long and is written in a fresh and descriptive manner. you can get it on amazon and other places.

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