how to make money with twitter?

if you think you can make money with twitter by posting a message, perhaps scheduled or automatically generated by some system, you are completely wrong. if you want to make twitter a source of income, you need to integrate it into a larger, much larger system to promote your online activities. try to gain a large number of followers and use the bluebird social network to effectively promote your content. also, if you think it's appropriate, use affiliate marketing services to receive small commissions on the sale of content and digital items online.

a. promote your business on twitter

unless you have a distinctly personal website or blog, perhaps with your name in the title: e.g. mario rossi's blog, avoid advertising it on twitter using your personal account. instead, create a separate account and use it to promote the site's content, interact with your followers and post offers from affiliate marketing services, if you decide to use them. but how do you manage this kind of ad hoc account? and, more importantly, how do you gain new followers quickly? well, there is no magic recipe that will give you certain results, so you'll surely get off to a good start.

a) automate the publication of a site's content on twitter

the first step is to configure your twitter account to automatically publish links to all the articles on your site or blog. simply create rss feeds and feed them to one of the free services.

b) feedburner

well known service for creating and promoting google rss feeds. to use it, log in with your gmail account and create rss feeds from your site/blog by entering their address in the bar under: burn a feed right now and clicking three times in a row on the button: next. then go to the advertising tab of the service, select: socialize in the left sidebar and press: add a twitter account to link feedburner to your twitter site/blog

c) ifttt

is a service that automates many operations related to social networks, smartphone applications and the world's most popular online services. by signing up for free via the: sign up button and activating a recipe, i.e. a script, to automatically publish blog posts on twitter, you can easily integrate news from your site into your twitter profile.

d) twitterfeed

one of the most popular solutions to automate the publication of rss feeds on twitter and beyond. to use it, simply create a free account by clicking on the register now button, enter the rss feeds to link to twitter and link to your social account.

- get noticed and engage your audience to attract new followers creating a twitter account just to shout out the news published on your site, and automatically won't help you attract new followers. to get noticed on twitter, you need to interact with your audience, post interesting things and treat the topic in depth. take a concrete example for now. you've decided to promote a tech blog? well, find the most interesting tech news of the day and comment on it on twitter. become a follower of the big guys in your industry: for example, established bloggers who cover the same topic as you and interact with them and/or their followers by bringing them interesting ideas to discuss. if you get noticed in a positive way: without spamming and without shameless promotion of your site, you will see that new followers will come on their own. it may take some time, but the results will eventually prove you right, you'll see. the important thing, in essence, is to find a strong topic and get noticed in the niche audience that deals with it big or small by bringing valuable topics, interesting content: to publish on the site and to pass on through twitter and always showing the willingness to compare yourself to others.

- schedule smart tweets being active on twitter doesn't mean haunting your followers' timeline with 10,000 posts a day, nor does it mean posting ten pieces of content within an hour and sleeping the rest of the day. if you want to attract, but more importantly maintain new followers, you need to intelligently dose your tweets and distribute them throughout the day. to make this task easier, you could use services like buffer, which allows you to schedule new posts on twitter and facebook quickly and easily. to subscribe to buffer, log in to its homepage, click on the sign in button and log in with your twitter account. then provide an email address and password to use to sign up for the service and create your first scheduled tweet. to do this, type the message you want to send to your account in the text field provided, press the arrow next to the: add to queue button and select the: schedule send option from the menu that appears. buffer is also available as an app for android and iphone, so you can schedule your tweets from the comfort of your smartphone.

b. make money on twitter with affiliate marketing services

as mentioned in the opening phase of the post, you can earn with twitter also through the publication of sponsored links. links that allow you to earn small commissions on the sale of digital items and content online: at no extra cost to users.

1. amazon

one of the most popular affiliate services is certainly amazon's, which guarantees commissions of 5-12% on technology products, books, games, home products and many other products: in many cases with a lower cap per commission. all users can join the amazon affiliate program and generate their own sponsored links. please note that once you click on a sponsored link, your followers will earn you money for all products taken during their shopping session on amazon, not just for the product you reported.

2. itunes

apple also allows you to earn small commissions on the sale of online merchandise. in this case, however, it is digital goods. for the exact apps, e-books and audio/video content offered through the app store, itunes store and ibooks store. to join the itunes affiliate program, click on this website, then click on the: apply first button and then click on the: sign up now link. then fill out the form that comes with your website information and if it passes apple's verification process, you will be able to generate your sponsored links. please use affiliate marketing services consciously. only post products or content that are related to the topics covered on your website/blog and consequently on your twitter account and that you consider really valuable. also be clear from the start with your followers, specify that the links you post are sponsored: that is, they earn you money and avoid storming the audience with mountains of reports: post a few links and only if they are really interesting.