how to make money with pinterest?

some time ago, you decided to join pinterest. at first, you were quite skeptical about this social network, but now you've realized that you were wrong. although it is less popular than instagram, facebook and other "giants" of the web, pinterest can be, also, an excellent "square" to promote their products, their services and, why not, earn something.

today's guide will give you some "tips" on how to make money with pinterest suggesting, first of all, how to expand your audience and try to collaborate with companies and brands interested in promoting their products on your account (or, alternatively, promote those you make yourself). it's clear that you don't expect to see significant results overnight. it takes time to establish yourself on pinterest and gain the trust of other users. the more commitment you make, the more likely you are to succeed on pinterest and make money from it.

if you're interested, take all the time you need to focus on reading the next few lines and, most importantly, put the suggestions given into practice. if you do, you shouldn't have any problems with your situation on pinterest.

increase your audience on pinterest

the basic prerequisite for winning with pinterest is to have a big enough audience. this way, it will be much easier to collaborate with companies that want to reach a specific target audience and eventually sell or advertise your products and/or services.

don't have a good audience right now? don't worry: by implementing a few "tips" you can, over time, increase your audience on pinterest and try to make money with this social network. as a platform that places a lot of importance on visual content - photos, images and videos - the basic prerequisite to start getting more visibility and, consequently, potentially higher revenues, is to create attractive, beautiful and interesting content. by doing so, other users will be impressed by what you post and will be more likely to decide to follow you and "point" to your ideas on their discussion boards, further increasing your user base.

when it comes to the content itself, it's been found that those with a well-crafted description are more successful than those without. for the description to hit the mark, make sure it contains relevant keywords, which can make it easier for pinterest users to find your content (a little seo, i.e. search engine optimization, never hurts!).

in the description, don't forget to include, also, a call to action, i.e. a sentence that encourages the user to interact with the published content, explaining what you want them to do. if, for example, you want someone to visit your website to find out about the features of a certain product you want to advertise, use a sentence like: "do you want to know more about product x? then don't just stand there! visit website [url] so you don't miss out on the benefits that product x has to offer". you'll see, following these simple steps in terms of description will make all the difference!

as for the images you decide to share on pinterest, make sure they are of good quality. as a social network made up almost exclusively of visual content, it would be a big mistake to post grainy photos and/or videos or ones with other obvious flaws. instead, try to share content that is interesting and, most importantly, relevant to the topics at hand. going back to the previous example, if you want to promote your product or service, post photos or videos in which you see your product, and not the one that has been made by someone else (e.g., by posting images uploaded to the Internet).

still on the subject of shared content, some studies have shown that the longest images are also the ones that get the most "repin". try sharing some of this content to see if it works for you. one last thing about content: when you post it, don't forget to add the link to your website or email address, so that everyone who sees it knows you shared it.

collaborating with businesses on pinterest

once you become popular on pinterest over time, you may start to consider collaborating with various companies and brands. how do you propose a business collaboration to a company? it is advisable to go to the pinterest page or contact page of the official website of the brand you wish to collaborate with and send an email to the email address dedicated to business collaborations. in the message, explain your desire to promote on pinterest one of their products and / or services that you think is interesting. you can take inspiration from the following template if you wish.

to [company name],

hello, i'm mrs. [first and last name] and i'm very happy to be following your pinterest account. i notice that your products and services are really interesting and potentially useful for the users who follow me on this and other social networks.

as the owner of the account [link to your pinterest account], which currently has [number of followers following your account] followers and dealing with issues that are in some way related to your products/services, i think it would be beneficial for me and for you to introduce them to the community that follows me.

if you are interested in this type of collaboration, you can contact me using any of the following contact information.

cell phone: [cell phone number]

phone: [phone number].

email: [business email address].

skype [skype username].

while waiting for your kind comments, i would like to take this opportunity to send you my warmest greetings and wish you a good job.

of course, if in time you get enough visibility on pinterest, you won't need to look for companies willing to collaborate with you. they will look for you and you can decide which of them to start commercial collaborations with. in the meantime, you should propose yourself, trying to identify products and services that allow you to earn some money, but at the same time are really useful to your followers and in line with the content that you usually publish.

advertise your products and services on pinterest

are you a fan of handmade items? do you like crafts? then why don't you use your passions to try to earn money on pinterest with them? maybe you can try to advertise your products and services on the famous social platform.

all you have to do is share images or videos that clearly and comprehensively illustrate the benefits of using a certain product or service you've made. obviously, before you advertise an activity, make sure it complies with pinterest's terms of service, otherwise you risk having your account closed or, worse, being sued.

Some of the things you're not allowed to do on pinterest include promoting adult services, illegal activities of any kind, selling drugs, imitation or counterfeit products, live animals and products made from threatened or endangered species, pharmaceuticals, weapons and explosives, and tobacco.

when creating a post where you can share your product or service, it is advisable to follow the instructions given in the first chapter of the guide. by doing so, you can potentially increase the audience that follows you and, consequently, the number of products/services that you can promote and sell.

make money with affiliate links on pinterest

in the terms of use of pinterest, it is also possible to insert affiliate marketing links. what is this?

in practice, you insert sponsored links into your own pins (as pinterest posts are called) and you get a small percentage of the revenue if a user visits the link and buys a good or service.

one of the most popular affiliate marketing services is offered by amazon, which is aimed at those who have a website or blog. to use it, simply go to this page, press the "sign up for free now" button and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your registration for the affiliate program. once you fill out the form, you can link to pinterest products that your followers might be interested in. if they click on those products and purchase them within 24 hours, you will receive a small percentage of the sale generated.