How to make money with Amazon: discover the 10 best solutions!

1. Selling products on Amazon

Amazon is the behemoth of e-commerce and offers millions of products, so that each buyer can find his happiness. If you want to distribute products, you can become a seller on Amazon, and thus have your pages and your counter. We explained it in detail in our article: how to sell on Amazon?

By choosing the right products, selecting the best suppliers and getting involved in the creation of product descriptions, you will be able to make a profit as a seller on Amazon.

Note: via the FBA program, Amazon takes care of your inventory management and deliveries, which can be a real relief for budding entrepreneurs.

2. Dropshipping

Another way to make money on Amazon is to practice Dropshipping, a very popular solution at the moment which consists in offering products, which will be sent directly by the supplier. Your job will be to choose them well, to make sure of the quality of your goods, so that the returns are the best possible.

Find out how to do dropshipping if you are not familiar with this new selling solution and you will understand how to make money on Amazon.

3. Participate in the Amazon Handmade program

Less known, the Amazon Handmade system proposes to designers, artisans, to sell their products online, whether it is clothes, jewelry, accessories. To do so, you will have to fill in a form that explains in detail the nature of your work and the techniques used to make it, and you will then have a profile for the sale of your creations.

This is a great showcase for a designer, who will be able to reach the many Amazon customers without having to pay a cent. Unlike selling directly on Amazon, which costs 39 euros / month, the Amazon Handmade program is free and you will only pay a fee on the total sales made.

4. Amazon Affiliate Program

This is one of the favorite methods of entrepreneurs, who are looking for ways to make money with Amazon. This very successful partnership system allows you to earn a commission for each sale made from your platform on Amazon. As we mentioned in our review of Amazon Affiliate Marketing, it is a method that can be very profitable, provided you get involved and make the right choices. The commission rates vary according to the products offered (between 4% and 11%) and the sale will be counted for you via cookies, which record the virtual movements of your visitors. You will need one (or more) site(s), to manage and update, so that the referencing will make you a specialist in the sector, which stands out on Google.

5. Joining the KDP system

Did you know that it is possible to publish a book on Amazon? If you can write and want to offer your stories to a wide range of readers, the KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) solution is for you.

Depending on the status you choose, you will receive 35% to 70% of the revenue from the sales of your books, and you will have a profile to introduce yourself to your readers.

Success is in the care of the writing, of course, but also in the cover art, the volume of books offered, and the advertising you do to get noticed.

6. Doing tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk

If you have a few minutes to kill, you can participate in paid tasks on Amazon, which often consists of answering surveys, proofreading and validating content, in exchange for a few cents or a few euros (learn more about paid survey sites).

Amazon Mechanical Turk allows you to earn small amounts of money by repeating these activities. However, if it is a good solution for the American citizen, users outside the U.S.A. will only receive their payment in the form of vouchers.

7. Offer professional services on Amazon

Very few Amazon users know that professionals can offer their services on Jeff Bezos' platform. All you have to do is sign up for the homeservices program to offer your services. Most of the services you can offer revolve around the needs of Amazon customers, such as furniture assembly or hi-fi equipment, but other needs can be fulfilled via this pro space, which allows you to reach a wide range of potential customers. Joining this program is free, but the service provider will have to pay a percentage - varying according to the nature of the activity - to Amazon. This varies between 15 and 20 percent.

8. Reselling discounted products

A more restrictive solution, but one that can pay off when looking for ways to make money on Amazon, is to resell products bought in bulk or at a discounted price during a promotional offer in stores. People who are not averse to browsing the stalls for bargains (or scouring the net for bargains) can buy the goods directly and then resell them on Amazon. This can generate small profits, but can lead to a substantial gain when the total sale is high.

9. Create a private label on Amazon

If you have your own brand or want to create one, creating a label is a particularly good solution. Via your supplier, you will make products with your logo and brand, to distribute them on the biggest marketplace in the world. The little extra comes from the fact that you will be able to register your brand on the site, in order to avoid counterfeiting or identity theft of your products.

10. Sell t-shirts and mugs via Merch By Amazon

The American giant has a print-on-demand service, which allows a graphic designer or an original creator to sell various objects, covered with his creations.

This solution - Merch By Amazon - allows to create T-shirts, mugs, bowls, shoulder bags and many other objects, and Amazon takes care of the printing, packaging and shipping, in addition to customer service.

It's a convenient way to earn royalties on the sale of products with your brand.

How to make money with Amazon: choose the method that suits you

You now know how to make money with Amazon, with these 10 methods that can generate income more or less consistent. If some solutions can require a real investment (affiliation, direct sales...), others will be less time-consuming and will allow you to earn a few tens or hundreds of euros without too much difficulty.

Obviously, using Amazon and its huge panel of customers is a real godsend for anyone who wants to free himself from the constraints of the traditional work system. By opting for one or more of the solutions presented above, you open the doors to new opportunities.