How to make money on TikTok? We tell you everything!

The tiktokers who manage to live from their content on TikTok are often very young and very creative. They have managed to establish a very large audience by creating a lot of content. The most famous of them earn millions, but it is still possible to earn money on TikTok and make a place for yourself on the social network. Here are Influence4You's tips to make money on TikTok and monetize your activity.

1. Create an attractive content

To make money on TikTok, you'll need to be very creative. On TikTok, everything goes very fast, and there is so much content that an unknown tiktokeur one day can reach a huge audience only a few weeks later. TikTok is a social network where engagement is very strong and sharing is important. The virality is therefore maximum and if you produce quality content it is very possible that your profile will be shared, then re-shared .... and so on.

2. Find a niche

Do a research on tiktokeurs who talk about what you want to do. Create content regularly. To get viewers to find your videos, you'll need to use great SEO. Choose relevant keywords that match your videos and what you are presenting in them. You can do a little study of successful tiktokeers in the same field as you and see how they reference their videos, this will help you identify the right keywords and hashtags to make money on TikTok.

3. Receive donations from your audience

Every TikTok account holder can buy Coins, the virtual currency of the social network. 65 coins cost about 1 euro. When you do a Live on TikTok, other tiktokeurs and your audience will be able to send you virtual gifts, paid with Coins. You can then turn these Coins into diamonds, and they will be converted into money on PayPal. To learn more about the conditions of access, please visit this dedicated page. To access the possibility of making Live on TikTok you must have at least 1,000 subscribers.

4. Access to the creators' fund

TikTok remunerates the creators of content on the platform. The conditions of this remuneration are more or less opaque, impossible to know in advance what you can earn although the fund is endowed with more than 250 million euros. Information is regularly added on the TikTok blog on the subject. Some sources speak of 0.4 euro cents per 1,000 views and 20 euros per million views. To be able to access the "Creator Fund", you will have to:
  • Reside in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy or Spain
  • Be over 18 years old
  • Have at least 10,000 subscribers on TikTok
  • Have more than 100,000 views on your videos in the last 30 days
  • Post original content, and follow the rules of TikTok
This fund aims to encourage content creators to publish more and more original and attractive content, but it will never be your only source of income.

5. Collaborate with brands as an influencer

Brands have budgets dedicated to influencer marketing that are increasingly important and need tiktokeurs to reach niche targets specific to their market. These collaborations can be in the form of free products to start with, but can be monetized at sometimes very high prices depending on your audience. To give you an idea, the average payout for a tiktokeur is $0.01 to $0.02 for each sponsored view on TikTok. If your video reaches 100,000 views it could bring you 1,000 dollars. However, there is nothing to stop you from negotiating your rates. Always keep in mind your editorial line and your objectivity if you partner with brands and earn money. Your audience loves and follows you for that and if you choose to put forward a product that doesn't match your target or that you don't really like, you risk losing valuable subscribers.

6. Respect the legislation that governs product placements

Also be transparent by clearly indicating that the product has been offered to you or that it is a partnership, so as not to violate the law 121-1 of the Consumer Code. For example, you can mention the collaboration. Influence4You tells you everything about partnerships with brands on TikTok here. Don't hesitate to test your knowledge of the regulations with our free online influence code! You can manage all this yourself, via an agency or use a specialized platform like Influence4You (Influence4You's platform connects social network influencers and brands and brings them remuneration). This will allow you to have direct access to brands and ongoing campaigns, without wasting time on canvassing and focusing only on content creation.

7. Sell your own products

You may have already promoted another brand's product, either in a collaboration or on an affiliate system. Why not create your own products so you can directly control the margins and profits generated? Many of the most important tiktokeurs have already launched their own line, for example makeup for beauty experts, but you don't need to go that far to start. Some tiktokeurs also use dropshipping to sell a product without having any stock. However, be careful with this technique, which is currently being criticized by many Internet users. If one of your loyal subscribers buys a product from you, it means that he trusts you. If they receive a package from a Chinese supplier, and easily found on Chinese trading platforms, you will lose all credibility with your audience. Choose items that are already present in France or in Europe and work with serious suppliers. To create a real difference, you could create your own products in an artisanal way if you feel like a creator or choose to have them manufactured by specialists. And to help you, think about Live Shopping. Indeed, TikTok is developing more and more this feature which should arrive very soon in Europe. Download our Live Shopping and Influence Marketing Guide to understand everything about this new phenomenon.

8. Become a TikTok consultant

Another idea that makes you live more than a tiktokeur by bringing interesting remunerations: become a consultant for brands by sharing your know-how and your experience of the new social network. Indeed, brands are often lost in front of TikTok, unless they have someone in-house dedicated to the platform. You can totally imagine collaborating with brands to help them create relevant content, understand the platform, etc.

9. Promote your content on other platforms

To increase your brand awareness and consequently your revenue, don't hesitate to publish your TikTok videos on all social networks. Instagram and Twitter are great tools to make a post go viral. And that's what you need to increase the reach of your content, gain subscribers and therefore increase your revenue. However, be careful not to use your content on competing formats such as Reels or YouTube Shorts or else your posts will be reduced by the algorithm. Remember, the more subscribers, interactions, and engagement you have, the more you can charge your brand partners for collaboration and earn money from all your social networks.