Top 7 Make Money Online Tips

1. Activate cashback Earning money by buying online, counter-intuitive? With cashback, not so much: iGraal cashback allows you to get a discount on a purchased product. This discount is deposited in your personal iGraal account, and you can transfer it to your bank account from 20 €. A sum that can arrive quickly if you buy often on the Internet... and if you select the sites offering boosted cashback!

How much can I earn with cashback? On average, you can earn €120 in cashback on iGraal.

2. Doing paid surveys It's all in the title: surveys are sent by brands, and you get paid to answer them. The most famous survey sites are Toluna, Mon Opinion Compte, I-Say or Swagbucks.

How much can I earn with surveys? Each survey earns you between 0.50 € and 3 €: you can therefore, with a few minutes of your time, accumulate a dozen euros quite easily.

3. Rent your DIY tools You have a lawnmower, a super drill, a mega-equipped toolbox? All your DIY and gardening tools can make other people happy... and money. These are often tools that are used very occasionally. Some people prefer to rent them by the hour or by the day: Bricolib, Zilok, Kiwiiz are the main rental sites between individuals.

How much can I earn by renting my tools? Prices range from 5 to 20 € per day. A good way to make the purchase of an expensive tool profitable, or to earn a few small extras easily.

4. Doing pet sitting If baby sitting is not your thing, you can also earn money by doing dog or cat sitting (or even canary sitting, why not). There too, there is no lack of sites offering services between individuals: Dogbuddy, Animovacances, Homesitting...

How much can I earn by pet sitting? The sites are based on the principle of Blablacar, with a rating system to evaluate the reliability of the members. You can earn up to 20 € per day.

5. Create your own micro-business Do you want to exploit a talent (graphic, editorial, creative) to earn money on the Internet? The micro-enterprise is a simple, fast and free system that allows you to exercise a "side project" in parallel with your job.

It can consist in creating your online craft store, taking some freelancing missions on dedicated platforms, or simply launching your business, whatever it is: blog with partnerships, monetized Youtube channel... The only condition is to have the agreement of your employer to create your activity.

How much can I earn with my micro-business? It all depends on your sector of activity, on the demand and on how easy it is to find customers. Know that you can benefit from the ACRE at the beginning of your activity: this measure allows you to be exempted from social charges.

6. Sell your useless objects Furniture, clothes, decorative objects, tools... Whether it's on Leboncoin, eBay or Vinted, you can get rid of these objects that are cluttering up your home and that might interest someone else. Also think about the refurbished market to resell some defective technological tools.

How much can I earn by reselling my items? Depending on the volume of items sold, you can earn up to €100 and more!

7. Investing with crowdlending This idea requires some funds: a few dozen euros minimum. Crowdlending consists in lending money to individuals or SMEs in order to finance a project. The funds are then repaid, with an interest rate ranging from 5 to 10%.

Of course, the loan is riskier, but it is possible to find sites that manage this level of risk (FastInvest, WeShareBonds...). And the interest rate far exceeds that of a traditional savings product.

How much can I earn with crowdlending ? By reinvesting your initial investment plus interest, and looking at the long term, you can earn several tens of euros over a year. Without doing anything.